Quand nous parlons, nous voudrions bien être entendus et même compris… Normal
Pourquoi cela ne fonctionne-t-il pas toujours ? Parce qu’il faut bien commencer pour entrer vraiment en communication.

Bien démarrer un dialogue

– Disponibilité de l’interlocuteur,
– Bonne distance et hauteur,
– Regard,
– Ton de voix.

“Jésus le regarda et l’aima” – Marc X, 20

in english

Enter in Communication

A woman runs home and bursts in on her husband, who is quietly reading the newspaper, saying: “Have you heard the news?”
Her husband mumbles “mmmm?” without raising his head.
His wife continues: “they’re going to build a GSM antenna right next to our house.”
Husband: Can’t you see I’m busy reading?”
His wife sighs and leaves the room, shrugging her shoulders.

Reaction and analysis:

Analysis shows that 60% of communication in relationships is non-verbal. Physical attitude is therefore more important than words.
To be sure of being heard, it is best to ensure that the other person is in a receptive state of mind. The newspaper between the two partners acts as a barrier. One cannot not communicate (Waltzlavich) and the attitude of the husband is clear: “I don’t want to communicate now”.

Gospel Link:
To communicate, Jesus reaches out to others, e.g. the paralyzed man of Siloë. He also tells the people who surround him to reach out to others, to the priests, to their adversaries. He saw the rich young man and loved him. He cured people by the laying on of hands. He asked those who came to him “What do you want?”, giving them freedom to communicate.

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