Une vie sans conflits, cela n’existe pas. Ce qui est grave n’est pas d’en rencontrer mais de ne pas vouloir ou pouvoir les résoudre. Quelques pistes.


  • Silence,
  • Empathie = se mettre à la place de l’autre,
  • Rechercher les sentiments de l’autre,
  • Puis les lui refléter.

Les disciples d’Emmaus . Jésus s’informe de leur souci et les écoute avant de parler. Luc XXIV,13-25.

in english

Hello Gael !

Hello Corinne !

  • Are you OK ? Do you have a minute ? I’d like to talk to you about something important.
  • Yes, come in and sit down. I’m listening.
  • Well… I’m not great, I’ve just come out of hospital.
  • What’s wrong, are you ill?
  • Well, yes…You see, I had a routine mammography and…..
  • And….
  • The doctor found a lump and they did a biopsy.
  • Are you worried about it?
  • Very , because my mother had cancer and I won’t have the results for another week.
  • In the meantime you have to wait and can’t help worrying.
  • That’s exactly it. Can you understand why I don’t want to go to the village fête? I almost feel like crying.
  • You don’t have to put on a brave face with me.


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