Quand je vois arriver quelqu’un , je m’imagine plein de choses sur lui rien qu’en voyant sa tête.
Est-ce que cela est vraiment la réalité de sa personnalité ?


  • Différentes apparences des personnes,
  • Respecter = regarder 2 fois,
  • Voir derrière les apparences,
  • La rencontre, le dialogue pour comprendre les attitudes de l’autre, ses blessures passées.

“Tu as du prix à mes yeux.” –  isaïe , chap.IVIII, 4.

in english

It’s mad how quickly our brains judge people ……at first glance!

Prejudice deserves its name. Judgment is pronounced even before a person has opened his or her mouth…

Have you ever been frightened by a stranger approaching you? – is he after my wallet? my life? – frightened when your boss calls you into his office? – dreaded your teenage son not coming home with the car at the agreed time?

All these prejudices stop us having confidence in others. They also have a negative effect on the other person who senses our fear.

The meaning of the word RESPECT = to look twice.

Take time to see how a person leads their life.


When we meet someone, we don’t always know what’s gone on in their life in the past.

Imagine a mountain, on top of which you have a rendez-vous with someone. You climb up a pleasant path winding through the fir trees, but you are completely unaware of what the path on the other side is like: rocks, a stream, scree, crevices. It’s only when you get to the top and find the other person that you really know what’s on the other side.

It’s only when you really talk with another that you discover, perhaps with surprise, what that person’s life has been like in the past.

The colleague who’s always complaining, the rebellious teenager, the annoying neighbor, they have had, perhaps, difficult lives.

“You are precious in my sight” says God to each and every one of us.

Each person has a gleam of positive light. These lamps can have pretty lampshades, whilst others can be very dark, very ugly and allow little light through.

See every person in depth and recognize his or her uniqueness.

Have the same regard as God, that of goodness, a more penetrating, truer understanding.

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