Courses for parents

Courses for parents

Introduction to the Gordon method through shared experiences in groups of 10 to 12 people in an atmosphere of respect and humour.

Enrolment by e-mail : annelibbrechtg – at –

Training can take place in Belgium, France (Paris and Haute-Savoie) or Switzerland, once a group of 12 people is formed.

Contact by e-mail.

Contact me with your questions.

If you are comfortable sending e-mails, you can set out your problem in a clear and concise manner explaining who, when, where, how and how often a situation occurs.

I will get back to you as quickly as I can. If you prefer to discuss thingson the telephone, it is best to fix a time boy e-mail and we can then tak things by telephone or Skype.

A DVD : Being parent is challenging.

Three everyday situations in the life of a family illustrate current difficulties and ways of dealing with them to the benefit of each and everyone.

There is much to laugh about and to reflect on  in French!

The DVD can be ordered through the same e-mail adress and will be sent on receipt of a cheque of 13 euros plus packaging.

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